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  • Why Faith-based?

    Because everything doesn’t have to be over-the-top, in-your-face, shoot-em-up action. PARALLAX, a faith-based short film,┬áis suitable for individual and family viewing. Watch it with friends, family, or in group settings and have a healthy dialogue about its message.

  • Is it Scriptural?

    Yes, to a reasonable extent. PARALLAX is not a word-for-word, literal translation of scripture. It’s an adaptation that takes its essence directly from the Bible and is retold in a modern-day manner with respectful, creative license. Read Genesis, chapters 2 and 3, for reference.

  • Is it Just for Christians?

    PARALLAX is for both entertainment and enlightenment. Anyone of any denomination, gender, age, or mindset is welcome to enjoy PARALLAX. You’re more than welcome to become a Christian after watching it, if you choose. That’s up to you, though—it’s not a requirement.